Veterinary Medicine at its best.

The process used by the MicroStimula MK II, consisting in stimulating cells at levels similar to those emitted by the brain, have yielded astounding results. Case in point, are the results obtained with our best friends...our pets.


Sasha is now a happy dog with a shiny coat.


In December 2005, Sasha, a beautiful twelve year old Bernese Mountain Dog living in a small town of England, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She had a hard tumor slightly larger than a golf ball on the lymph gland under her jaw, and a secondary tumor of about the same size on a lymph node on her right shoulder. Her veterinarian said that this cancer was untreatable and that she had only a few weeks to live.

On December 17th, Sasha had the first of a series of daily multiple sessions with the MicroStimula Mk II, each lasting 36 minutes. After twelve days, the primary tumor had softened and decreased in size by half, and the secondary tumor was gone. After another two weeks of treatment, she appeared to be in complete remission. She is energetic, has a shiny coat, bright eyes and a good appetite. She continues to have regular, though less frequent, treatments with the Microstimula to ensure her ongoing health. Many cases presenting similar results have been obtained .

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