The Science

The MicroStimula Mark II generates bioelectromagnetic stimulations and operates in the conducted mode. To help you understand its operation, we've provided a general review of applicable scientific facts. Read this section to learn:

  • The basics: Understand electrical stimulation
  • Facts about the earth's electrical and magnetic fields
  • How the MicroStimula Mark II operates and interacts with cells
  • How electrical stimulation affects single or multi-cell organisms
  • How any organic entity reacts to electrical field changes


Cellular response to electrical stimulous
As recently discovered by genetic researcher Dr. Bruce Lipton (1977), cells are composed of an enclosed membrane (plasma lemma) on which a large number of protein feeding holes (ion channels) are located and feed the cell. Next to each hole, a protein receptor (antenna) is located. When this antenna receives a brain-induced electrical charge of the correct polarity, the protein mechanically changes its shape for a brief instant, under the attraction / repulsion principle, allowing one ion to drop through and feed the cell. Brain wave activity controls the health and well being of all organic cells. More on the electrical field

The origin of magnetic healing
The first documented report of healing using biomagnetism was initially done using lodestones. It goes back to the ancient times of Hippocrates, when he and other physicians healed patients' ailments by rubbing a lodestone in the area where pain was felt. The basic principle behind the use of magnets in healing resides with basic electromagnetic theory.

In effect, the minute electrical impulses generated by the movement of the magnet emulate brain activity and stimulate the cells into a normal metabolic condition. Since diseased cells exhibit low electrical, inter-wall potential, stimulating the cells will enhance their ability to feed normally. More on the magnetique field

Effectiveness of modern electrical stimulation and healing
As stated above, the very first documented "electrical stimulation" by way of magnetic fields in motion was effectively performed by Hippocrates. With the insight of modern science and the work of researchers such as Dr. Bruce Lipton who discovered the importance of the cell membrane, as discribed in his document the "cellular conciousness" , it is now possible to understand the relationship connecting the cells and the action of electrical charges upon them.

Today one does not require the displacement of a magnet near the cells to stimulate them (although it can be done effectively). Electrical signals can be generated and manipulated relatively easily with the help of modern technology and microprocessors. One can therefore produce and emulate signals at frequencies and harmonics corresponding to the needs of micro organisms. Interestingly enough, the optimum values which provided the best results are based on Fibonacci numbers. These precisely-calibrated electrical signals can be generated to emulate brain activity and fool cells into feeding normally, bringing them back to a healthy condition.

A self-protection mechanism exists within the cell. If the magnitude of a signal is incorrect, this mechanism shuts down the cell's sensory perception. It is, therefore, necessary to carefully calibrate the magnitude of the stimulus to avoid a negative effect on the cells. Destruction can even occur when signals of too large a magnitude are applied. Therefore, it is imperative that electrical impulses be appropriately sized to beneficially affect the behavioral response of cells.

Simplistically, in the case of mono-cellular entities, the stress resulting from the energy released by the signal as it pounds on and off the microorganism bursts the membrane and kills the bacteria.

In the case of multi-cellular organisms, as explained above, the infinitely small field strength of the electrical impulses (brain waves) stimulate a cell's protein receptors, which modify their shape to open the associated protein ion channel, allowing the cell to feed normally. More on "Cellular Conciousness" and Dr. Bruce Lipton

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