Here you will find letters from customers who have used our product for various alternative medicine reasons.

I you have experienced benefits from our product, we would be happy to list your testimonial here. Please email info@technicalap.com


     My legs have finally stopped hurting and I credit the MicoStimula MKII!
I had had pain all along the bottoms of my feet, up into both legs and thighs.
Sometimes standing hurt so much that I sat down to fix meals and sitting at the computer
was misery. I tried everything and even the ortho didn't know what it was.
It got worse as the day went by and I had a dreadful time trying to sleep.
My thighs and knees where super sensitive; I would jerk if my spouse affectionately touched. my knee. It was a total drag and went on for 8-9 months.
Now it's gone, gone, gone! i used the MicroStimula MKII faithfully twice a day for 45 days
then cut it down to once a day - don't recall how long I did that.
Now I don't use it unless I start to have some pain in the legs and feet.
It's such a relief, I have so much more energy, I can sit at the PC for long periods
and even using the weed wacker - which used to cause dreadful pain- doesn't hurt!
I was so afraid that I was doomed to have the pain forever.Thank you

S----- would not take the time to use the MS...he claimed he is up and out the door too early, and home too late...and would not use it while driving either.  So to encourage him, I borrowed it and both K----- and I used it w/success, and told him it worked.  He still didn't have time, so we asked to buy it off him, and did. 


Both K------ and I used it on strained forearms (skiing) and could immediately feel less pain.  It seemed 3x worked wonders on K-----, as did I.  I also used it on sore hips, which I normally go to the chiropractor for, and avoided the visits.  Also used it on a sore knee (wakeboard jumps).


Last it seemed to speed healing on a bad cut on my foot, with a flap of skin hanging from kicking the edge of my hydrofoil underwater.


Should we continue daily useage even when we don't have ouchies ? 


Dang, all my injuries are water related !  At least I haven't had my annual black eye yet, that I gave myself for the last 3y.  But then again I just started practicin' my foil gainers ystd, and hit one of 4...not a bad start for this old lady.  It's scary to do those, but I force myself to take chance.  Sometimes we do doubles, and risk impacting each other, he he


Last wkend a girlfriend tried it once, on her sore neck.  She said it helped.  She knows some kids who have cystic fibrosis.  Do u think it would help their digestive or lung ailments ?  I gave J------- your name and website to check on, and maybe ask u direct ?


I believe in your product, and do not think the good results are only 'in my head'.  I wouldn'ta spent $500 on it otherwise.


Another friend I gave ur info to is a guy about to do back surgery...and he has pain.  If his wife calls, her name is L--------.