Radiation recovery

Radiation and Chemotherapy Recovery


We can only advise that you follow your medical practitioner's advice for the diagnosis and treatment of any type of cancer. If that includes Chemotherapy and/or Radiation treatments we have several observations to share with you.  First and foremost patients who are undergoing either of these treatments may find that the electrodes tingle and can be felt much more than patients who have not yet undergone those therapies. It seems that the sicker you are the more uncomfortable the electrode pads can feel. Normally in a state of good health most users question whether or not their MicroStimulas are, in fact, working as there is little or no sensation at the electrode pad sites. Chemo and Radiation users report that placing a finger on the pads and pressing down for a firm contact can lessen or eliminate the tingling/burning sensation which then may only be felt when the device changes frequencies. So, the most helpful strategy is to begin using your MicroStimula MkII as soon as you are diagnosed—better yet, use it to prevent any little stray cancer cell from getting started in the first place. And use it regularly while undergoing traditional treatments. Remember, it boosts your immune system and works in tandem with the treatments that you are undergoing. Healing may occur faster because the cells are normalized by the resonating frequencies. Those frequencies are the same or similar to the ones emitted by your brain and body while in healing mode. Your device may even help counteract some of the side effects of Chemotherapy and Radiation especially if started early. It is particularly important to use your MicroStimula MK II several times a day and use it "back to back" (see Colds and Influenza) following any surgery for the removal of a malignancy to prevent "seeding" of the cancer cells to other places in your body (metastasis).