MicroStimula MK II Price: $449.00
(Wire set and 50 Electrode tabs included)

Pouch Color :

(Includes clip assembly and 50 electrode tabs)

Accessories Quantity
50 Silver Electrode Tabs Pack Price: $22.00 (per pack)
100 Silver Electrode Tabs Pack Price: $40.00 (per pack)
Wires and clips assembly Price: $38.00 (per assy)
Reference Number (please enter 0 if no Reference number available)


Prices are in US Dollars
We Ship MicroStimula on US Priority Mail (US only), add $11.80 to the total.
Shipping of Accessories First class mail, add $5.60 to the total.

For International shipping

To minimize international shipping costs, all orders will include 100 electrode tabs instead of 50. Add $18.34 to the total.

International shipping, USPS 1st class (typically 15 days) add $35.00.
International shipping, USPS Global Express (10 days) add $60.00

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