Technical Applications Inc.

Technical Applications, Inc. is a research and development engineering company focused on creating leading edge scientific products. We currently manufacture the Microstimula MkII, a portable electrical stimulator which promotes wellness and healing through alternative medicine.

The Microstimula MkII unlike TENS units is a Transcutaneous Electrical Cellular Stimulation (TECS) device based in part on the research of Dr. Bruce Lipton. Using modern technology (neuropathy treatment) and miniaturized processing power the MicroStimula

generates biological frequencies optimized to stimulate unhealthy or diseased cells. Mimicking the frequencies generated by the brain, the MicroStimula activates the protein receptors on the cell membrane wall allowing the cell to metabolize normally. We designed the MicroStimula to generate signals intended to stimulate cellular protein receptors at levels slightly larger than those emitted by the brain. In doing this we hoped to promote cell revitalization. Frankly, we are not entirely clear on how the MicroStimula exactly supplements the effectiveness of the brain signals, but we are working on that.

Early Successful Applications


Pain Control

Rheumatoid arthritis treatment, Osteo arthritis, Back or Sciatic pains, Migraines

Cancer Recovery

Radiation recovery, Chemo-therapy recovery

Blood Disorders

 Cholesterol control, , Treatments for Leukemia, Circulation


 Peripheral neuropathy, Epilepsy, MS, Parkinson, Erectile dysfunction

Viral infections

Influenza (Flu), Fever, Food poisoning, Hepatitis C, Warts


Fertility, Sleep enhancement, Stress reduction, Natural remedies for arthritis

Born out of research, originally intended to safely destroy E-coli bacteria in ground beef 20 years ago, the research team at Technical Applications, Inc. is just now beginning to understand its full potential. We found that when the MicroStimula was tested on live tissue, rather than killing cells, it enhanced the immune system and caused unhealthy and diseased cells to become revitalized (Dr. Bruce Lipton). Working with physicians, and their patients, we began several years ago to collect data on the results obtained with the MicroStimula. Technical Applications is in the early stages of developing a formalized study of the most successful applications and electromagnetic therapy of the MicroStimula. Preliminary FDA approval is also pending. So the real moral or ethical dilemma for us now is: what are we to do with a growing list of amazing anecdotal accounts of this alternative medicine in the absence of any hard data derived from a formal study, or FDA approval?


After careful thought and deliberation we have decided to share these encouraging early results with the understanding that Technical Applications, cannot make any assumptions or recommendations from these findings regarding the use of the MicroStimula as electrical cellular stimulation or neuropathy treatment. 


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