Dear Customers,

The Following emails and letters are direct experiences of our clients. Identifying information have been deleted. In the following letters the names have been changed to protect the users privacy, otherwise the letters are exactly as written. We have included only a few of the many letters that we receive on a regular basis. We would like to hear from any of you who would be willing to share your experiences with others. We are hearing that many of you have had success using the device for relief of migraine headaches, and we would be delighted to hear more those of you who are using the MicroStimula for that purpose. Recently we also received several letters from folks who have experienced amazing healing of broken bone injuries, and will put those letters up next month.

Sincerely, Technical Applications.



Dear Technical Applications,

You are asking for feedback from your customers and I just wanted to let you know that I started using one of your Microstimula devices over a year ago for "Peripheral Neuropathy". My toes had gotten numb either from a lower back injury (with sciatica) or too much running without proper orthopedic inserts—I don't know the cause, I just suffered with the condition. This progressed until the first third of my feet were numb and I was experiencing sharp "knife-like" and "needle-like" shooting pains in my feet. I could not keep my feet still, particularly in the evenings or when I went to bed at night and it was driving me nuts. I noticed a difference the first time I used your machine and the sharp pains disappeared within a week or so of using the device in the evenings as did the "busy feet" syndrome. After several months of use the numbness has begun to go away but I have noticed an unexpected side effect. The numbness in my left leg (a result of the back injury) is completely gone. I was so used to it that I hadn't realized it was gone until I noticed that my left thigh and knee were itching and when I scratched the itch, I could feel it!! I will continue to use my machine daily as I have also noticed that I can avoid getting a cold or flu if I put one electrode on each shoulder near my neck and use it four or five times in a row when I first notice symptoms of a sore spot on my throat or a runny nose. The cold never materializes. It's worth the price just for that! Has anyone else had this experience with avoiding colds?


T. N.



Thank you for the nice letter of concern.  You won't believe how amazingly fast I "zapped" the grog (flu).  Yes, no doubt, the same super high fever, aching body, etc. symptoms, which you and ohters have described.  My neighbors (husband and wife) both reported same 'grog' with a 3 week full recovery.
Ok - the wild news!  Yesterday, Saturday morning, I came down with it........and fast.  Within 2 hours of awakening, I was soooo sick, I could barely move - literally.  No exageration - but I was so weak, I could barely make it to the bathroom or kitchen to get a glass of water.  My original onset, was when I was soaking in a hot bath, to kill the chills I awoke to.  Bad mistake!
I had to crawl, literally, back to bed - did not even have strength to dry myself; so crawled into bed dripping wet and shaking.  Passed out in a fevered delerium state - to awke later to hell-on-earth.
By mid-day, I was semi conscious enough to do something.  That something revolved around the MicroStimula and ORMUS.   I "zapped-on" for over 3 hours total time yesterday - various different locations, and stages.  (But still, at midnight last night, I still had 102 temp. and felt as if death were beckoning at my doorstep; with no relief from sleep to be found.  That was when I went into high dosage ORMUS mode - double any I've taken before.  That alone, knocked me into the deepest 10 hr. sleep, almost immediately - literally within seconds!  ORMUS, when it hits, can be like God's lightening bolt........will elaborate upon next get together.
This morning, upon awakening - the most miraculous transformation I've ever experienced.  I was completely, totally, without equivocation - like new and perfect.  No more of the body aches, which were more wretched than any I've experienced, ever - no more fever - no more chills - no nothing! Ok, slight sinus headache........very slight, compared with yesterday's beastly pain!) 
Un-believable, eh?
I did another 2 hours today with der gizmo (MicroStimula) - just to clear a couple of minor symptoms (some sinus headache remaining, from yesterday's hell on earth head squeeze) and then the other time was for usual tune-up and maintenance.  And another shot of ORMUS for good measure.
It's now almost 1:30am on Sunday, and my energy level is at peak normal activity level - as evidenced by this letter in the wee hours.
Technical Application
So much has happened around here.  I am using the Zapper (user slang for MicroStimula, nan) and I feel so much better.  I've been living on pain pills for the whole year (five extra strength Advil) and still in pain; so this is such a relief.  I was ready to cancel my trip to England in June, because I was so miserable.  But now, I am feeling so much better...and looking forward to going.  I'm going with another photographer girlfriend....we are going to villages and just looking for great photo opportunities.
H. J. 
MY BACK IS FABULOUS!   I am completely off all pain medication.  I was using eight extra strength advil daily after viox was taken off the market. And even with the advil, I was still miserable.  I use the micro_stim twice, back to back, as needed....which after the first couple of weeks isn't every day.  Probably more like every couple days.  NO ONE is talking to me anymore about back surgery!!! yeah!  Thank you TAP.
Technical Applications,
Sounds like you really have fun in the snow.  I never saw snow until I was 16 years old.   I really enjoy getting out in the snow but _W______was raised in Chicago and hates snow.  We never get near it.  When I was in New York one winter,  I got out and walked in the snow every time it snowed.  Of course, I had boots, fur coat and fur hat to keep warm.
I have been using the little machine once or twice a day on my nose and the spot is getting smaller and lighter.  When I go back to Group Health, they will have the documuntation of  my case to see the effect of TAP's machine.  They took several close-up photos in December of my cancer.
Technical Applications, 
The operation healed without any stitches  I have only a little dent where the surgery was.
I will send you the pictures that Group Health took before surgery.  As you can see the cancer was less thsan half the size it was before I used TAP's little machine.
Your friend,
BTW: E----- used the zapper for a headache she'd had for 6 weeks and wham! It was gone, she will order one soon. It also got rid of a pain in her shoulder and for me, as you predicted it staved off the last two colds that I was starting to get. I am totally thrilled with it - loaned it for 4 days to E----- (last name; ----------) and she was so impressed with the results. I'm glad to have it back since it really does help with my back/leg pain.