Electromagnetic Therapy

Electromagnetic Therapy – Used as a form an alternative Medicine that can treat disease by applying electromagnetic energy to the body. It is labeled as pseudoscientific by most of today's modern medical researchers by applying static magnetic fields.

Through science we have established that there is electricity and magnetic energy is in the human body. In fact we can't service with out small amounts of electricity such as controlling your heartbeat and stimulate muscles to action.

Since bodies use electric currents so that we can function, we found that we are able to use jolts of electric currents in the medical profession. Currently in the medical profession we have a lot of instruments that we use such as EKG, and EEG and MRI machines.

It is also known that each of the body's molecules contains a tiny amount of magnetic energy.

Electromagnetic energy can be applied therapeutically; this "therapy" can be used for healing purposes and also be used for natural path treatments. Such devices typically use magnets, infrared, microwave transfer that energy into the body.