About Us

The Company
Technical Application Inc. is a Research and Development Engineering company focused on creating leading-edge scientific and electronic products. Our designers have developed microchips for Flight Safety Systems, including the Ground Proximity Warning System currently installed on all commercial aircraft.

Although our Chief Engineer has pioneered many advanced products, including Infrared Laser scanners, it is our vision to create and develop environmentally sound life-saving devices and to make these new technologies available to the world at affordable prices. To this end, our Engineering staff has developed MicroStimula Mk II.

This new device uses state-of-the-art technology to provide a pocket size, portable computerized unit that generates and delivers precisely calibrated waveforms and microcurrents at frequencies optimized to biological applications. Some of these frequencies are well known and documented, while others have been developed in our laboratory, either under the microscope or in biological experiments. The MicroStimula MK II's microcurrents actually penetrate organic tissues, explaining its success.

The Designers
Our Swiss-born Chief Engineer spent most of his career as Research Specialist in the Research & Development Engineering departments of Allied Signal Aerospace and Honeywell Aerospace until his retirement. He invented the first solid state Infrared Laser Scanner, which led to the development of the first miniature bar code scanners. For the past 14 years, he has been intensely interested in the propagation of electrical signal through tissues, using direct conduction or the radiations of "plasma ray tubes." Early sucesses have provided theĀ incentive necessary to lead to the development of the MicroStimula MK II.

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